Condensed Cream “of” soup

I’ve been meaning to note this for days, but just didn’t have time because of Resurrection Day, official new job, moving my old home office to the new home office, and just plain tired.

Sunday, I went to my cousin’s house to celebrate Resurrection Day with our families.  One of the two days a year I get to see that side of the family, so we always look forward to it.  We serve lunch potluck style and this year I was tasked with our traditional Party Potatoes.  Believe it or not, a recipe I got from an ex-boyfriend’s mother.  But the family has always loved it, so we make it every year.  This year, I was faced with a challenge though as one of the few ingredients to use is Condensed Cream of Potato soup.  Well, condensed soup tends to have MSG in it.  There may be some obscure brand somewhere that does not, but since I don’t plan on searching high and low for something I can make at home so easily, I didn’t find one.  And yes, you heard that right, making condensed soup, from scratch, easily.  Takes 10 minutes, give or take.  I got the recipe/instructions here.  Again, very easy.

The party potatoes call for 2 cans, so I doubled the recipe.  Came out pretty good.  The flavor was there, though, admittedly, I didn’t add enough salt.  I will have to add more next time.  Not related to the making of the soup, I didn’t add enough sour cream so the end result wasn’t as creamy as it should have been.  And definitely, more salt.

Next project, strawberry cake, from scratch.

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