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This is strictly for my information.

Hitting, biting, kicking, etc.

Physically harming another person is striking out at man, who is made in God’s image, just as murdering another person is striking out at man who is made in God’s image.  Gen. 9:6 says, “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.”  Based on this principle, we make parallels between the Bible’s insttructions for the punishment of murderers, and the discipline of our children when they strike out at another person.  The same emotions and motivations are often involved in striking other people and in murder.

General information and commandments about this sin:

Gen. 9:5-6  Shed man’s blood, by man his blood will be shed.

The parallel can be made for apanking a child after he has physically harmed another child.

Matt. 5:21-22  If angry with brother without a cause, are in danger of judgement, just as murderer is in danger of judgement.

Be consistent in firmly disciplining any physical harming of other people.

Pr. 6:17 God Hates hands that shed innocent blood.

Matt. 15:19 Evil thoughts and murders come from the heart.

Num. 35:32-33 Show no mercy. Deflies the land.

Do not show mercy to the child who harms others.  His uncontrolled anger and cruelty will “defile” the household.

Js. 4:1-3  Motivated by lust.

Deal with envy, covetousness, selfishness and pride in the heart of the cruel and striking-out child.

What happens, or should happen, to the person who harms others:

Many of the following examples of punishment are Mosaic judicial laws concerning murder.  Many of these principles, however, can be applied in the case of harming other people.

Lev. 24:20-21, Ex. 21:23-25  Murderer was punished life for life, lex talionis.

Spank the hitting, biting child.

Another principle that does not come out in these laws is the need to ask forgiveness of the victim.  obviously, in murder, this is impossible.  When a child has injured another child, though, he should go back to the person, confess his wrong, and ask forgiveness.

Ex. 21:18-19 injure. Pay for loss of time and doctor.

Do the mother’s chores that she could not do while she was attending to the harmed child.

Serve the victim of the child’s striking. Provide for their comfort.

Do the victim’s chores.

Levy a fine from spending money.

Ex. 21:16 Kidnapping punished by death

Holding a child against his will (locking him in his room, holding him under a blanket, etc) is considered kidnapping in our household.

We discipline the offender with spankings.

Ex. 21:15 hit parents, put to death.

Spank.  Also deal with the problem of defiance.

Ex. 21:12,14 Strike man so that he dies, killer should die.

This is an example of premeditated murder, and is punishable by death.

Premeditated, intentional harming of others should be disciplined with spankings.

Num. 35:16-21 Strike with iron, stone, hand weapon, hurl at him, strike with hand so tha tvictim dies, should be punished with death.

Spank for any intentional injury to another.

Num. 35:30, Deut. 17:6  Death penalty required the testimony of two or three witnesses.

This is a good policy before spanking a child for hitting, too.

Circumstantial evidence can serve as one witness.  Often, when the whole story comes out, the “victim” of the hitting has also been at fault – teasing, hitting, etc. – and should be disciplined for his wrongdoing as well.

Pr. 28:17  Man who is burdened with bloodshed will flee to the pit.

Don’t stop him.

Pray for the child’s conscience to convict him and make him miserable until he has confessed his wrong and asked forgiveness. This would be another case for establishing a room for the child to spend time in after injuring another child.  This would allow him time to think over his action.  (Use this in addition to talking with him and disciplining him.  Don’t just banish him to his room whenever he hits someone.)


Do not Encourage Excuses

Parents and grandparents who compliment and pamper little children excessively may be in danger of misleading the children to believe they can do no wrong or that the wrong they do does not matter.  Adults and children are sinners and it is natural for them to make excuses for their wrong-doings.  Often when children do something that is sinful they immediately cry, “It is not my fault.” “She hit me first.” “Everyone else was doing it.” Uncorrected children may grow into adults who continue making excuses.  Adults lose their temper because of their kids, they drink heavily because of genetic programming, or they cannot lose weight because they were abused as a child.  All people attempt to avoid responsibility for their own sin, but no one, young or old, deceives God.

The wise parent begins early to teach his child to accept personal responsibility for his behavior….


Again, this is just information that has been provided to me to assist me with something I’m struggling with.

Thank you, God Bless.


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