Exhausted, and my wonderful kids

I haven’t been around much since I’ve been extremely exhausted. This past week I finished up the recipe book and sent it off to be printed and such.  And let me tell you, it took more than I thought it would.  I’m looking forward to the final copy.  We wound up with 169 recipes total.  Keep in mind, a few of those are probably not ones you want to actually try, but those recipes are absolutely adorable and hilarious and are from our younger kids at the school.  I should mention that the school only has a few more than 20 kids.  (something like 21, 22, or 23)  Anyway, between that, and work, and home, I’m just worn down.  I’ve been going to bed early and when I’m not, my mind just hasn’t been thinking clearly, so, I haven’t posted.

Oh, I know what I can talk about…

Last night, we had our quarterly parent meeting at the school.  I should probably go back to the week before and mention that at AWANA, I was showing my TREK kids different Gospel Tracts that they could use to break the ice and share their belief.  The kids loved it and I agreed to purchase some for them.  I did that and they came in yesterday.  I made goody bags for my TREK kids and showed my children what I had left over and they got so excited.  They insisted on bringing a bunch of them to the parent meeting and they passed several tracts to each person there.  It was great.  Granted, they were ‘preaching to the choir,’ so to speak, but they have to start somewhere, right?  The kids were so excited, they want to go out and pass the tracts out in other places.  I foresee another order from livingwaters.com coming soon.

God bless.


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