I enjoy food.  As I’ve become mature, I’ve learned to appreciate it more and more.  I will admit, that as a child, is was horrible with food.  Very, very picky about what I ate.  There are still foods I have difficulty with eating, but I am getting better about it.  Today, I was reminded of 10 lessons about food.  It was a real refreshing reminder.  I got these from this website.

  1. Food is a version of God’s love
  2. Food is a gift from God
  3. Food is not cheap (look at the work that goes into it, not the monetary side)
  4. Food is for sharing and fellowship
  5. Eating connects us to creation
  6. Eating reminds us of our stewardship
  7. Eating is a reminder of the Eucharist
  8. Saying grace makes us mindful of God
  9. The goal of all eating is to savor a taste of heaven
  10. Food lets us commune with God

I’m going to add one thing to this list.  A dear friend of mine that I respect and admire, says “If God didn’t make it, don’t eat it.”  She’s right.  Bon appetit.


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