Recipe fundraiser

I mentioned it briefly before, my kid’s school is doing a fundraiser of a recipe book to sell.  You know the kind I’m talking about.  Those wonderful church cookbooks with the delicious family recipes that everyone loves.  Well, I’m the one doing the inputting of most of the recipes.  You never realize how much time it takes to input them until you start doing it.  And things that you take for granted in a recipe, like how big a can of pineapple and if it should be crushed, or sliced, or chunked. lol  Anyway, almost all the recipes are inputted, have over 100.  Not bad for a small church and school, and that’s not including the ones from the kids at the school.  I love how the people of the valley support our small school.  Wonderful people here.

For those that are near-by, or for those that just want to support a wonderful small Christian school, let me know. We are selling the Recipe books for $10 each.  Yes, it’s a shameless plug for my kid’s school. 😀


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