An attitude of gratitude

I’ve observed that our society does not have very much gratitude.  There appears to be a sense of entitlement.  Some people feel they are owed everything and anything they want.  They are not grateful for what they have.  I will admit, that one of my kids has this issue.  And I will admit that it drives me nuts, since we did not raise her this way.  I’m not sure where she got this belief, but I intend to change that.  I am of the belief that you shouldn’t have more than you’ve worked for, you shouldn’t be given something you didn’t earn, and you should, above all, be grateful, and thankful, for what you have.

To help with cultivating an attitude of gratitude with my kids, every night, they write 3-5 things that they are thankful for from that day.  They can’t repeat from the night before.  This is a reminder of how much they really have, as opposed to what they think they should have.  I challenge you to write down what you have.  It really can open your eyes.

Another way to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, is to compliment others that are not in your family.  It helps others feel good about themselves, and grateful.  Think about this, if someone came up to you and said “Oh, I like that shirt, it looks fantastic on you.”  Wouldn’t you feel good if that was said to you?  Wouldn’t it just give you that warm fuzzy feeling?  That is a lead in to a happier attitude, and therefore, a more grateful attitude, eventually.

Another challenge for you, make it a point to say something nice to someone, someone that is not in your family.


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