Have to, Get to

A couple days ago, I mentioned that Jackie, the emcee at the Pine Valley Women’s Conference had challenged us to change our ‘have to’s’ to ‘get to’s.’  The concept was to change the way you think of things to the positive.  For example, you don’t HAVE to do the dishes, you GET to do the dishes.

Today, I was challenged a little on that.  My work day started with a quick meeting to address a possible training issue that I needed to take care of, and then an email to remind the team of a process. Honestly, after that, I don’t remember much, until I let the first shift of people go home and suddenly, everything broke.  A little background, I work in IT as an Outage Manager.  When applications, Operating Systems, Network devices, etc fail or become degraded, My team is one of the group contacted to assist with resolution and to track the downtime, notify our leadership team of the situation, etc.  Today, after letting the first shift go, suddenly, everything broke.  We suddenly had so much going on, that we were calling people back, calling in the night shift.  It was insane.  God gave me the opportunity to work this major issue, which, in turn, gave me overtime.  I ‘got to’ (past tense to get to) work extra today, no lunch, no breaks.  What an opportunity.

I need to remember that putting a positive spin on situations helps make me more grateful.  Makes me more grateful for what I have, what God has afforded me, what my opportunities are, and what I can do with them.

How great is he for that?


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