When it hits you

Today, I was reminded of a story from about 3 years ago.  I won’t go into the details, but just mention the the highlight of it.  A friend of mine suddenly felt convicted, upon hearing a song.  That song still, to this day, has significant meaning to her.  The song had so much impact, that while they were singing this song in church, she couldn’t stop crying.  So, what is that song?  I knew you would ask.  The song was Grace like Rain. I would love to provide lyrics, but my connection is not cooperating with me tonight and I can’t seem to bring them up.

Anyway, after waiting 30 minutes for the page to come up, I’m at the end of my time and I am afraid I’ll have to leave you with the question; has anything just spoke to you so deep down that you can’t ignore it?  If nothing has, please be open to it.  Really, it’s an amazing feeling.



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