Love and Faithfulness

I’ve thought a lot lately about faith.  Shocking, I know.  There is a lot about faith, that really needs to be known.  Some think it’s stupid.  Some think it’s obvious. And others are not so sure.  Let’s start with the basics:




1. confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another’s ability.
2. belief that is not based on proof: He had faith that the hypothesis would be substantiated by fact.
3. belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion: the firm faith of the Pilgrims.
4. belief in anything, as a code of ethics, standards of merit, etc.: to be of the same faith with someone concerning honesty.
5. a system of religious belief: the Christian faith; the Jewish faith.

These are just the first 5 from  I didn’t feel a need to go further at this point in time.  Some state that faith is belief in things not seen.  Well, my faith is based on trust.  I’ve experienced some things in my life that really have reaffirmed my faith.  These things just allow me to have more and more confidence in God.

David also had this Faith, and through that, wrote most of the Psalms.  Like many in today’s Christianity, David was confused and concerned, and saddened, but the world around him.

Psalm 36

1 I have a message from God in my heart
concerning the sinfulness of the wicked:
There is no fear of God
before their eyes.

David is talking about God talking to him through his heart.  Nowadays, after the sacrifice of Jesus, this would be the Holy Spirit..  He has a message from God, in his heart, regarding the sinfulness of the wicked.  One of the reasons is they have no fear of God.  Remember, fear is not scared, but respect.

2 In their own eyes they flatter themselves
too much to detect or hate their sin.

They flatter themselves, compliment themselves excessively.  So much so that they are unable to detect their sin, and therefore can’t hate their sin.  How can you hate something you don’t see as an issue?

3 The words of their mouths are wicked and deceitful;
they fail to act wisely or do good.

What they say is wicked and deceitful, and they do not act wisely, or do good.  They may think that they do, but all they do in the end is hurt.

4 Even on their beds they plot evil;
they commit themselves to a sinful course
and do not reject what is wrong.

Even as they go to sleep, they plot, or plan, to do evil.  They commit themselves further to a sinful course and will not reject what is wrong.  For, they see nothing wrong with it.

5 Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens,
your faithfulness to the skies.

On the contrary, the Lord’s love reaches to the heavens and his faithfulness as far.

6 Your righteousness is like the highest mountains,
your justice like the great deep.
You, Lord, preserve both people and animals.

His righteousness is has high as the mountains; his justice as deep as the sea.  He preserves all.

7 How priceless is your unfailing love, O God!
People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.

His unfailing love is priceless.  Nothing compares to it.  People take refuge in his shadow.

8 They feast on the abundance of your house;
you give them drink from your river of delights.

They feast, relish, on His abundance; he gives us drink from His river of delights.

9 For with you is the fountain of life;
in your light we see light.

With Him is the fountain of life.  Through Him and His light, we see light.  Light being good.

10 Continue your love to those who know you,
your righteousness to the upright in heart.

David is asking for God to continue His love to those that know him, and His righteousness to the upright, correct, in heart.

11 May the foot of the proud not come against me,
nor the hand of the wicked drive me away.

He is asking that the prideful will not come against him, not the wicked to drive him away.  He’s asking for protection and courage with that.

12 See how the evildoers lie fallen—
thrown down, not able to rise!

David is expressing here that he knows how the people that do evil fall, they are thrown down, and cannot get up.  They fail, completely.


Are you failing?


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