Short note

It’s late, I’m tired.  It’s been a long day.  I thought that I would just mention some of the blessings that God has given me.  Today, he gave me life, a wonderful family, a job, a job I can work from home, due to said job, a way for me to pay for the home I live in, the school I take my kids to, and food for the table.  He’s given me some wonderful neighbors that I can visit with and have a wonderful, intelligent conversation. He allowed me to hear a strange dog in the yard ‘attacking’ the livestock so I could go out there and get the dog out of the pen.  The goat is fine, just a scratch, from what I could tell.  Again, a blessing.  Owner of the dog feels horrible, which I’m sad about.  The dog was actually friendly and when I went in to get him out of there, he didn’t snarl, growl, or bite at me.  My belief is that he just wanted to play.  So, again, a blessing.  Today, our annual bonus was announced, it was great, another blessing.  I could go on and on.  These are just the big things.  I’m so thankful.


God bless.


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