I had a rough day today.  On the holidays, our team goes with a very skeleton crew, and we work 12 hours shifts.  Because of this, those of us on the west coast get to start work at 3am.  Thankfully, my commute is pretty short, as God has blessed me with the ability to work from home.  Now, because New Years fell on a Sunday, the company recognized the holiday on Monday, January 2nd.  To make things fair, those that worked Monday, had to also work Sunday.  Has to do with pay.  So, yesterday and today, I, along with 2 of my colleagues worked 12 hour shifts.  No problem.

As some may remember, my family has been going through some health issues.  With the new year starting, we have to fulfill our deductible again.  With this in mind, the OT for working 12 hours will be helpful.  Specially with R facing possible hospital time.

Back to today.  I log in for work, pick up a call right at 3am.  I was on that call until 2:30pm.  No break.  No time for a break.  Ok, 1 hour before I’m supposed to get off work, no lunch yet.  Called my oncall to let them know, they ok’d the addional OT.  I had to stay 30 minutes late because I had to finish one of the tickets. I should mention that at one point I was juggling 4 tickets, 3 were active.  So, that’s 1 hour extra.  I logged off, and a half hour later, I got a call from our oncall asking me to log back in.  The night shift were all on calls and another had come out.  So, I logged back in and worked an additional 2 hours.

Before this starts to sound like I’m whining about my day, I’m not.  Yes, it was rough.  But God provided me the overtime.  This money will be helpful if R has to go to the hospital.  It was exactly what we needed.

Philippians 4:19:

   19But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

While this verse is easy to take out of context, I’m going to take the liberty at this time to do just that.  YES, he provides, always.  I am thankful for the extra hours that I was given.  I am thankful to God that he has provided for me and for my family.

Thank you, God, for all that you provide.


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