Welcome to my mornings

As my eyes open, I hear the dogs rustling around, the goats bleating, the chickens clucking, the rooster crowing, the sheep baaing, the ducks quacking, and the neighbor dogs barking.  I see the clock says 7:10.  ‘Sigh’  I was hoping to sleep in more than that today since normally I have to get up no later than 6, half the time by 5 or 4:30.  Oh well, an extra hour is something.  As I struggle to get up due to the pain in my back and leg, takes me about 5 or 10 minutes, depending on the morning, to actually sit up in bed and change into some clothes suitable for the outdoors.  I do a quick trip to the bathroom and then head for where the dogs are supposed to be sleeping.  I grab their leashes and walk to the door.  The dogs eagerly await that door to open, hoping they can bolt and run.  They always forget that they are on the leash though and they always forget about the screen door as well.  Poor pups look so disappointed when I open the door and there is another door there.  I open the screen door and brace myself.  The tugging begins.  I hold them back as I try to close the door behind me.  Door slams a bit as the dogs try to run. I leave the screen door open as the dogs are eager to get to the dog area.  As they are pulling me to their special area, they sniff all the new smells, and look for squirrels and rabbits to chase.  If they happen to see one, it’s even more difficult to keep them from pulling me to the ground.  During this time, I always note to myself that I really need to find the time to train them properly.  I’ve gotten as far as ‘Sit.’  And they don’t do that for long.  I get to the dog area, take off their leashes and let them run and do their morning release.  Unfortunately, we have a dog that climbs the fence, so until R is feeling up to fixing the invisible fence, or the regular fence to point that Kitty (yes, dog’s name is Kitty) can’t climb that fence, we have to put her on a chain.  Callie (her sister) just digs, and the area they are in, has chicken wire underneath so she can’t get out that way.  She’s free to run the area.  I let them run and play fight as puppies do and Kitty comes over and waits for her chain.  Poor pup.  Really must get the time to fix that invisible fence so they can be free to run.

I then head over to the chickens, who are clucking and crowing and fussing to get fed.  I open the can of feed, go to scoop the feed into the tub and realize that I’m about to hit the bottom of the can.  Mental not, add Chicken scratch and Egg Mash to the grocery list when I go inside.  Take the tub of food and open the gate to toss it in there, and have to fight about 3 chickens that are trying to fly up and get the tub.  Yes, chickens fly.  I toss the scratch and mash in, close the gate, close up the can of food and start heading over to the sheep and goats.

By this time the sheep and goats are making a ton of noise.  They feel they should be fed first.  I get to the feed shed, unlatch it, some mornings more easily than others and go to set up their food.  Break the alfalfa in ‘half’  usually a quarter to a third breaks off, which is actually preferred right now, and grab the flake of grass.  I take the larger piece of the alfalfa and a flake of grass and throw it to the ewes and the goats.  It’s almost quiet then.  I then take the rest of the flake of alfalfa and another flake of grass and walk it down to our ram.  We have Jack separated right now because of breeding, we’ll let him back with the females soon as breeding now will produce spring lambs.  We didn’t want winter lambs, as there is more risk of losing them.  Mental note, talk to R about letting Jack (the Ram) back in with the girls.  The goats have freedom to go to both pens, which is one reason I give him a full flake of the grass.  The other is that the grass doesn’t break apart nicely and just becomes a clump that is difficult to keep together.

Next, I head for the ducks.  They are expressing their displeasure at not having been fed yet, that it’s cold, that their pool has a layer of ice, that it’s day, whatever.  They are sometimes the noisiest of all of them.  I go to give them food.  Hmmm, rained yesterday and the night before, their food bucket is filled with water.  I can’t bend over for fear of falling over, not to mention the pain I’ll have trying to lift the bucket to empty it.  Ok, toss it onto the rubber mat in there so that they at least have food.  I’ll try to empty the bucket this afternoon when I hopefully am not in as much pain.

Back inside, turn on the computer, turn on my work computer, and sit for a bit to rest and regain my strength.  Look at the time and it’s 7:25.  Need to go wake up J, the elderly lady on our property.  Off I go to her house, wake her up, and she requests, if I am up to it, to put her wheelchair in her van so she can make it into church.  Whether I’m up to it or not, I’m going to do that.  So, I take her dog outside with me and open her van.  The last person to open the back of her van didn’t put the cushions between the wheelchair lift and the back door.  Great. (Yes, that is sarcasm)  I bring the lift down, hoping it will work.  It does. BONUS.  I go to the garage to open it up to get her wheelchair out, hoping that a critter of some sort doesn’t come running out.  Get the wheelchair, take it to the back of the van, and roll it onto the lift.  As I reach for the controller, I pray that it will work to lift up.  It does. BONUS again.  I drive the wheelchair into the van and turn it around to make it easier for the person that will be helping her at church to get the wheelchair out.  I step down the 3 feet from the lift to the ground and complete putting the lift away in the van.  I carefully put the controller between the side of the van and the lift so that it is in a safe spot and go to close the van doors.  Darn, the cushions.  I start looking for them, can’t find them.  I open the side of the van up and see one of them.  I climb into the van, fighting the seat belt for the back seat to go get it.  It’s on the other side of the van.  Now I need to find the other one.  I see a glimpse of blue and determine that has to be it, under the backseat.  I move the box filled with 8 2 liter bottles of ginger-ale that someone forgot to unload for J and see that yes, indeed, there is the other cushion.  I grab them both, and fight my way past that seat belt again, to get out of the van.  I close the side doors of the van and go to the back.  I hang the cushions on the lift to protect her back doors from the sharp metal pieces, and soften the noise as the lift shakes on the road while driving, and I shut the back doors.

I call her dog, “VAL!”  several times.  She comes and I let her back into the house and let J know that wheelchair is in the van and that I’ll leave the garage door open for her to get to the van.  She thanks me profusely and I head to our house.  I get in, and the girls are awake. R2 (youngest daughter) is eager to get up, but disappointed because she doesn’t get to get baptized today.  It’s scheduled for the first Sunday in December.  I explain that she needs to be patient, and besides, I have to work today, so she can’t be baptized due to that anyway.  She accepted that and proceeded to wake up her sister.  I sat back down and started going through email, check my daily verse, post my daily verse:

Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. – Isaiah 43:10 (KJV)

reflect on the daily verse, and say a quiet prayer.  Well, as quiet as I can with two girls wrestling in the room next to me.  I decide to open up my blog to think about what to write.  It’s currently 8:28 and I now need to feed breakfast to my kids, and myself and finish getting my work computer set up for work.  R is still sleeping as the mornings are the worse for him.  I still need to start laundry so the girls have their uniforms for  school nice and clean.  I still need to get the girls to do a little schoolwork.  Not homework, exactly, but they are a little behind in their school work and I’m trying to get them caught up.  So, the teacher and I agreed that they would work a little harder at home and they’ll be caught up in no time.

So, off I go to finish my morning.  Oh, and how is my leg feeling today?  I describe it yesterday to my co-workers with: you know how when you are sitting cross-legged and all blood flow is cut off, making your foot/leg go to sleep? And when you straighten your leg, you feel that warm rush of the blood going through your leg?  That’s what it feels like constantly.  Add the pins and needs feeling and that is my foot, all day long on both of those feelings.  With a periodic muscle pain in the calf.  My head is foggy and I know I’m typing, I can feel my fingers hitting the keys, but I can’t feel my fingers, they feel hollow.  Not real thrilled with this feeling.

Off to the kitchen to put chicken feed on the shopping list and make breakfast for the kids and myself so I can take my medicine.  Have a wonderful day all, and may God bless you.


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